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Vail Headquarters has been the heart of Temecula since 1867. Thanks to decades of preservation and restoration efforts, it is now a living historic park and a destination for specialty restaurants, boutique stores, and special events. Once again, Vail Headquarters is a place that brings the community together, introduces visitors to our local heritage, and welcomes everybody to enjoy the best of today’s Temecula.

Image by Keith Misner
a woman on a bare wooden stage playing bluegrass guitar under a popup on a small stage


We have tire swings, horseshoes, bean bag toss, rope games and a bocce court - as well as educational organic gardens, storytelling area for kids and a Family Fun Day Every Sunday!

Image by Keith Misner
6 guys dressed as authentic old western sheriffs with holsters in a reenactment at Vail HQ


Many of the buildings at Vail Headquarters were originally built in the 1800's, when the property was a working cattle ranch - and the site has now become a living historic park. 

Image by Keith Misner
a man cooking at a brick grill with flames jumping up



There are regular guided history tours, school field-trips and historical celebrations. There is also a working Blacksmith Shop, open weekends and during special events.

Image by Keith Misner
a cowboy galloping on a horse on flat dirt at Vail HQ



There's plenty for the whole family to . do at Vail Headquarters - including your four-legged friends! Vail is a dog-and horse-friendly property, so bring your furry friend  to join the fun! 

Image by Keith Misner
an old water wagon with a VAIL HQ painted in big white letters on the tank


There are many curated historic displays, including vintage farm and ranch equipment, to encourage visitors to explore the entire property and learn about Temecula's rich history. 

Image by Keith Misner
A cowboy squating down demonstrating rodeo techniques for a few children sitting on hay bales


Vail Headquarters also hosts regular community events such as the Sunday Fun Day, the Starlight Bazaar, a weekly Farmer's Market, movie nights in the summer - and much more!

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